Banh Mi & Chicken Soup

So I had a craving, and that craving was for the flavors of a banh mi sandwich. Mainly I love the combination of radish, jalapeño, carrots, onion and cilantro which is at least in the spirit of the traditional tasty Vietnamese creation. I don’t typically get the gluten free breads, but I indulged in some wheat-free ciabatta rolls and decided it was time for a sandwich for dinner!
You need to start with a good mise en place, and definitely make that a double if you’re going to make a second sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch!
I went for some roast beef for meat and since the rolls are on the smaller side, the extra veggies made for a delicious side salad. 
The only other thing I added was a little natural mayo and I have to admit, this totally satisfied my craving. I’m already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!
Yesterday I also decided to make a soup. I think I started craving chicken soup knowing that I’m at a key time of training and a time to make sure there are no more winter colds!
It was super easy but very tasty. Basically I combined chicken breast, stock, celery, onion, white beans and kale. For a little different “zing” I like lemon juice and dill added in near the end. I had this fordinner  yesterday and lunch today. No I also have a few more dinners for the week. It’s hearty but also light tasting at the same time which feels like the perfect combination for this time of year!

I didn’t really follow any recipes for either of these, and sometimes that’s when you end up with the tastiest and easiest meals. Both quite healthy too!

I have all the fixin’s for another new meal this week, so you might be hearing some more from me about eats very soon. 

Prize Preview!

I hope you’re all getting as excited for this Wednesday as I am!  I wanted to take the chance to share a little prize preview for some of the awesome things you can win by coming out to my fundraising event!

First off, there will be a bunch of door prizes. Just for showing up and making a donation at the door (Suggested $20) you’ll be entered to win!

Additional raffle tickets can be bought (5 for $20) for a chance to win:

Men’s Salomon Skis (Retail $700+)

Fine Art Photography from Maison Gray (Retail $250)

Rudy Project Sunglasses (Retail $225)

Silver iPod Nano (Retail $150)

One of a kind handmade limestone tiles with french wine labels (Retail $300)

F1 Racing Certificates (Retail $76)

90-Minute Massage at Bodywaves in the North End (Retail $120)

European Facial & Dermalogica Products at Ireland Beauty near North Quincy T stop (Retail $100)

$50 Amazon Gift Card


Hope to see you all at the event!


I won’t be all dramatic and go so far as to use the word “failure,” but it is a bit hard to not feel defeated when I was only able to run 17.5 of my intended 19 miles today. I’m not one that sets out to do something and not achieve it, so it was a really hard decision for me to call the run a mile and a half from my goal. That said, my thighs were so incredibly cramped up and tight I was at a loss for what to do and promise you I did not have it in me to push through. I had tried a few brief stops to stretch, kept the Gu on schedule all run, and had more than enough water (shout out to the Clam Box at mile 12 where I was able to refill my belt!) 

I’m left feeling a bit discouraged I missed my mark, but am also trying to be realistic knowing this can be part of the process. I have been logging consistently high mileage the last few weeks on my long runs, mileage I’ve never run, and in my quick research that sometimes can be the culprit.  Moving forward, my plan is to start reading up on what might be possible causes for the trouble I’ve been feeling around mile 16, which has been pretty consistently my “tough spot” throughout these longer runs and try to make some adjustments. I am going to look at my pre run prep and nutrition and maybe even try something different than Gu when I’m actually on the run. Any suggestions are more than welcome!  
While I feel as if I have been doing a decent job all around with training, today feels a bit like a wake up call. I need to really maintain a focus for these coming weeks to help me not just make my goal, but make my goal healthy and strong! 
Thank you all again for your ongoing cheers and support! Honestly when I am out there logging the big miles, I think about everyone who has been encouraging me along the way and it really has made a huge difference!