Hills are hard, and other Christmas revelations 

So Christmas Eve was a bust , from a run perspective, with crazy rain and sleet (of course only up until we had to leave the house to head for holiday celebrations with family!)  I was conflicted (and antsy!) all day about whether to just suck it up and head out for a run in the rain.  I checked the weather, but I was thinking, “Hey, this is New England.  What does my weather app know!?”  In the end, realizing I hadn’t really brought any water-wicking run gear (I know, I know, first the horrible shoes for snow running and now this! I promise, I’m slowly but surely getting back into the organized runner game!) I decided I would flip flop days and do my 6-7 mile hill run on Christmas Day.

So while this was a little rough after the evening of merriment the night before (read: a few too many glasses of wine) this ended up being the best choice! I don’t get back to my hometown often, but the fact that the first real hill run of training fell over the Christmas break when I would be able to run from my home to the oh so very fitting “Hill Street,” it felt like fate.

I love running through Suffield, CT.  Especially down around where my parents live, there is just tons of open farm land and tobacco barns.  Very few cars on the road, it was the perfect setting to heave and wheeze as loudly as I wanted while I pushed myself on the various hills without a soul to hear.  While I look forward to returning to the days of not feeling like I’m dying when I run hills, I was still able to dig deep, get out there, and get in the miles.  6.68 miles, to be exact.  With 848 ft of gain.  Sure, parts would be considered a run/walk, but that works for me!

Being able to enjoy this run solo and on the open country road (literally), was just what I needed to further focus my brain and body on my goal ahead.  Running the Boston Marathon for the second time, I’m not so concerned with pace or finish time, rather feeling strong going into, during, and after the experience.  The people I have met through my work at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital have really shown me what putting your mind to something can achieve.  While the goals may be different, deep down the spirit of accomplishing a goal is similar.  I want to do all my patients and colleagues proud as I take on this challenge as a proud member of the Race for Rehab team!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is heading into a healthy and happy New Year!  Below are some pics from my Christmas run and of course the link to support my fundraising!


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