Peace Out, 2016! It’s the Year I Run The Boston Marathon!



We’ve all heard the complaints.  2016 was no joke when it came to the amount of horrible things that seemed to just keep happening.  I have to say, for me personally I don’t think I could say it was horrible.  But nonetheless, it felt fitting to say “Peace Out” with a New Years Eve run as the sun began to set.  I was rewarded with great weather and a beautiful view, so if that was 2016’s farewell to me, then so be it!.


I kept New Years low key this year, but from the look of my cats, Blitz and Scramble, you’d have thought I hosted a rager!


It was a nice start to 2017, waking up basking in the sun of the new year.  Made it all that much easier to tackle my long run for the day!


And what a perfect day to kick off a new year!  I don’t think you could ask for much better January weather (but I will ask for this same forecast every day during my training on my long run days, thanks!)  I only did 8 (my goal was 8-9, per our team coach’s training schedule) so as long as I was in that range I was going to be happy. (I also did 3 miles the day before!)  My long runs are not as good as they have been in the past, but I’m trying to remind myself that I am getting out there and even with a few walks I’m running the majority of the time.  More importantly, it’s feeling easier with each and every run!

Since I no longer run with music, my mind tends to wander . And today I was thinking about an artsy shot I could take.  I was SO happy with my sunnies choice today because I was able to get this really sweet pic with the Boston skyline in my lenses.

It was meant to be! I wanted a cool picture for thank you cards to my donors so this fit the bill!  I can’t wait to get them in and for all of my amazing supporters to date to get one in the mail!  Keep in mind, you can still keep donating and help me reach my goal by visiting my CrowdRise site.  No donation is too small (or too big! 😉 )  Plus, you’ll get one of my awesome custom “Thank You” cards!

It’s been awhile since I ran down to the BU bridge, but check out this awesome view I got as well.

When all is said and done, I would say it wasn’t a bad start to 2017!  Even better, I’m so proud of my parents for joining me in tackling the Run the Year 2017 Challenge.  I’m going to count my run miles and they will count their “intentional walk” miles.  (They even went out and bought fitbits!  It’s a big undertaking, given the fact that to meet the goal we have to log an average of 5.5 miles/day.  But rather than focusing on the ultimate number, I plan to count it as a win if we can all keep moving throughout the year and feel committed to our health, happiness and each other.  Besides, we get to be the Matthess Family Musketeers! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.53.34 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 6.54.35 PM.png


So, it’s been real 2016, but I think 2017 has a lot of awesomeness in store.  Not to mention, MY SECOND BOSTON MARATHON!! 🙂

Happy running, all!