Things I Learned From My First Commuter Run

So in an effort to try and maintain my full training schedule I decided to try commuter running. Today was my first effort and overall a bit different (mainly due to the pack) but seems totally doable and it was really fun running through the city! I’m hoping to have one of my midweek runs like this each week. 
That said, here’s some things I learned:
1) Your coworker will definitely think you’re a goober asking her to take a picture of you geared up (and she’s right)

 2) Putting all of your winter gear on in your office and not immediately heading outside will make you overheat

3) No, your watch is not broken. You actually are running much slower because you are carrying a backpack. No need to stop and restart it. It’s accurate. 
4) People will look at you weird because you’re running on a Friday after work carrying a backpack
5) Some other people also run on a Friday, after work, with a backpack and these people are your peeps. They will smile and wave 
6) There are few things I enjoy more than the city at night 
7) I’m a wicked overpacker. I need to learn to require less things. 
8) You will radiate heat once you stop runijng and get onto the T, but this actually works to your favor because no one wants to be near the sweaty person .
9) It’s pretty awesome arriving home having already done your run for the day and getting to take a hot shower and relax!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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