A Hundred Hellos

And “Lookin’ goods!,” “Nice job!”, [waves], and [smiles] for that matter! 
Not a bad way to experience my longest run to date. Today I went out for 14 miles with some of my Race for Rehab team members. We started at the Wellesley Marathon Sports, who were awesome to lay out our route and even provide water along the way. 

We ran on part of the Marathon route and there were hundreds of people out for their training runs. I absolutely love the camaraderie among runners. When I run alone and pass a runner, there’s always a friendly exchange. Today, though, it was extra special because you know you’re out there with fellow Bostonians all training for the same goal. It just felt really awesome and I’m looking forward to more weekend runs like this before the big day!

We started together and obviously had to do some awkward selfie action. 

I ran the first half with my team captain, Suzanne, and we found out we pace each other really well. Everyone is following different training schedules, so I ran about a mile and a half beyond the mapped out turn around to hit my 14 mile goal. On my way back alone, it was amazing passing so many who will be there with me on April 21. I loved getting the encouragement from these strangers and being able to share some back for them. 
In true team captain style, here’s me “in action,” or not really. I need to start practicing posing for cameras while running. Why can I never get a cute running picture?! Haha

(No idea why I felt inclined to make princess arms).

All in all, my legs are feeling a bit beat down. I think that’s understandable, though, since this is my longest ever run to date! This feels like a big milestone for me. Guess it means I’m really going to be running a marathon before I know it 🙂

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