A Slippery 17

New distance PR!! 17 miles!! You’re going to have to bear with my celebrations the next few weekends, as well. Will be hitting 18 then 19 miles. 

So yesterday I went out on the course, running Brookline to Wellesley and tackling the  Heartbreak Hill area in Newton.  I got going around 8 am and even though by the end of the run, dare I say I was hot!, the morning was all about ice skating. I honestly have no idea how I didn’t fall. Everywhere was black ice and I wasn’t the only one struggling. 
The slick conditions definitely put a damper on my pace early on, but by the time of my turn around the ground felt a lot better and, to my surprise, so did my body! If you recall, I was having a hard time with 15 miles a few weeks ago. I’m happy to report that these 17 miles did not bring with them the same awful feelings mid run. (I didn’t once contemplate calling a cab!) Despite the morning ice, overall the route was much easier than a few weekends ago. It also really helped being on the course with so many others also out for their long training runs. Lastly, I made a pointed effort to pay attention to my mid run intake and kept to the “one Gu every 45 minutes” rule.   Oh yeah. I also got a high five by a man in a gorilla suit. Now that I think of it, I’m sure that was what made all the difference. 

Anyways, it was a wonderful way to start my weekend, feeling great hitting my highest mileage to date!  I took one “action selfie” mid run but OMG was it terrible! I may have felt great but I kind of looked like someone who had just been through an exorcism. So needless to say, that pic did not meet the cut. My end of run smiling pic did, however, and that’s the one for me that is most encouraging. If I can smile after 17 miles, I’m ready for my 26.2 mile photo finish 🙂

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