Fundraiser Success!!

Words honestly cannot explain how overwhelmed I am with the support and generosity of my family, friends and colleagues. My fundraiser event at The Fours in Boston last night was a huge success!  For those of you that have been in contact with me the weeks leading up to this, you all know my biggest fear was that the night would be me, alone, at the bar in an empty room.  Maybe a little dramatic, but still!  In reality, the scenario was the exact opposite. In fact I actually feel so overcome with emotion when I think back on the evening, I am not sure I can put into words how important the night was to me. But I will try. 

So I know people like to know the outcome of these things, so the grand total from contributions made last night ……..$1,040!!!  Add that to the additional donations I have received, many also made this week, and I am now officially less than $500 away from my $5,000 goal!  Totally incredible!  So, once again, thank you all so so much for your contributions.  I know they are a token of support to me, but please also know that the money is going to an exceptional cause.

Well that was the money piece of things and while that certainly takes some of the fundraising stress off my final month of training, I really need to emphasize that the more important part of last night for me was the outpouring of support.  I am quickly learning how demanding training for a marathon really is, and this demand is placed on so many parts of your life.  Arguably all parts. To have a night where friends came out to show support in celebrating my own personal accomplishments of the last year and the challenge I have excitingly taken on was just incredible.  As I enter into these final 38 days of training and take on the big day, I now have the memories of this evening to think back on to remind me of all of the love and encouragement that has surrounded me throughout this process.  To me this is invaluable and I am certain it will be the reason I am able to cross the finish line feeling strong.  So thank you again to every person that made the effort to come out last night. I will never be able to fully put into words what it all really meant to me. 

Here are some pictures from the evening!
Prize table
Group shot!
I mean, there are no words! And I get it after the big day! 🙂
Feeling loved 
My absolutely amazing and wonderful parents, who I could not have done this without! 
Maybe my favorite picture ever, not just from the night!
Some of my dearest Boston friends. 

In addition to all those who attended, it’s important I extend a thank you to all of the friends, family members and businesses that supported me in making the event a success. First, The Fours completely out did themselves with accommodations, service and food. I was blown away by the hospitality and support they offered to make the night not only a success, but a lot of fun for everyone there. 

To Gray Malin and Eddie Dusick who donated the amazing raffle prizes of a fine art photograph and skis, these were a hit! Thank you to my Aunt, Donna Suzenski, who donated 2 beautiful handmade limestone tiles with vintage wine labels. My Aunt, Dorleen Farrar, who not only helped pound the pavement soliciting prizes a few months ago but also contributed to the door prize offerings. Of course my mother and father, Kathleen and Curt Matthess, both of whom have been huge supports throughout the planning and preparation for the event in addition to making prize donations. To the businesses, F1 Racing, Ireland Beauty, and Bodywaves a very special thanks for the support in offering up certificates for all of your services. 

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