Race for Rehab Kickoff Meeting

As if it wasn’t already feeling real, tonight we kicked off the start to our 2017 Boston Marathon training by pulling together as a team to celebrate and go over some logistics. Even more so than usual, Spaulding is going above and beyond to support us runners mentally and physically, and throwing so much swag our way, it’s kind of incredible! 

I’m so excited to be taking this challenge on again. I’m a ways away from where I was when I ran Boston the first time and I have some personal hurdles I need to conquer. That said, I know I’ll be stronger than ever with all the support from my teammates and friends. Here we go!! 

Some of my faves!
So excited my friend Jason has opted to run with the Race for Rehab team with me!
Have to rock the solo photo booth shot!
Race for Rehab 2017!!


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