Vets Week & Paint Nite!

So my apologies for the lack of updates. Jan 9th-13th I was up at Mount Sunapee for my favorite week of the year, the New England Winter Sports Clinic for Veterans with Disabilities.  This year was particularly special as it was the 20th anniversary.  For me, it was my 12th clinic.  Here are some pics from this very special week!

Team Flags



One of my past patients, who is also a Veteran, and his first time on skis ever!



My Team’s Sign



Love my Eggs (Team Eggbeaters!)
Mountain View, one of my happy places!


So while the week didn’t lend itself to much running, it’s honestly one of the best weeks of my year and it’s an easy “sacrifice” of miles.  That said, upon getting home, I was hit HARD (as in over 5 days down for the count) with one of the worst colds in my life.  Horrible timing, as I had my Paint Nite event fundraiser at Muse Paint bar .  I got so much support for this, so I had to rally and it ended up being a really great time and over $300 raised for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital!

I’m happy to report, that I am FINALLY feeling better. Still some lingering congestion and a less than sexy cough, but it could be worse (oh don’t I know!)  Looking forward to getting in those miles.  Doesn’t hurt that I got this in the mail recently, as well!

As always, please consider donating here to support my efforts as part of the Race for Rehab team for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and the 2017 Boston Marathon!

One Week to Go!

I can’t believe it! By this time next week, I’ll have finished my second marathon! (At least I hope I’m not still on the course come 8 p.m :-P!)

Overall I reflect back on this summer of training with mostly fond memories.  It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve been very fortunate to have an exceptionally awesome support system of run buddies who got me out for my training runs consistently.  I can’t believe that when I ran Boston I had trained primarily solo.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for solo runs, even longer distance solo runs, but I have really found a love for running with friends.

This weekend was my last long run and I ended up putting in 11 miles with myIMG_0257 friend Scott.  I had no complaints in regards to the weather or our route. I can’t remember the last time I was able to comfortably run in a long sleeve shirt!  If anything, it was a little too windy at times, but that was mostly when we made it to Castle Island in Southie (where I made Scott take our photo stop!) .  The leaves are turning and running through the city was a nice change of scenery.

The only thing getting me nervous as of late is that I am struggling with some right hamstring pain.  I’ve gotten so much action from my foam roller I think it’s time he proposed!  I’m basically in a regimen of rolling, stretching, icing and taking anti-inflammatories.  I’m struggling with how much to do in the week leading up to the big run, but I am planning to get in at least one or two days of some easy miles.

At this point I’ve done what I can do and what happens on the day will be what it is.  I’m ok with that. I am so fortunate to be able to run at all I have no pressure on myself for any other goal than to cross that finish loud proudly knowing I worked hard to be able to get to this point.

I’ll admit I took this picture after running, when I had gone in to the city later in the afternoon, but nonetheless the beautiful fall-meets-Boston sights were plentiful throughout my run and I wanted to end with this beautiful shot.


I’m willing to bet I’ll be a bit antsy the day/night prior to my marathon so I’m thinking you all might hear from me again before I head to the start line 🙂  I’ll at least post some info about following me on my run, for those who are interested, and there’s even a cool app I’m going to use while I run because it allows friends to pre-record cheers and choose where along the course I hear them!  Seeing as I’ve become admittedly so reliant on my run buddies, that’s sounding quite amazing to me and worth running with an ear bud (something I haven’t done in forever!)

Until then, happy running!