Lots of Fun, But Time for a Run

Oh what an amazing week! This was my 9th year with the New England Winter Sports Clinic for Disabled Veterans and, like always, we had an incredible time with friends old and new. It’s so inspiring to meet all of these veterans, hear their stories and then become a part of their victories on the mountain. This post definitely fits into the theme of “fun” for this blog 🙂

I learned at my first clinic that the experience, laughter, friendships and triumphs cannot be captured through pictures, rather it’s an experience you need to live. That said, here are a few pictures from the week that may offer some perspective. 
A group ski in remembrance of our lost clinic participants. 
My team, team Eggbeaters. Such a spirited group!
My counterpart team leader, Robin. Representing our Eggs, rain or shine!
Skiing with one of our new Eggs, who also won Rookie of the Year!
Another new Egg and recipient of the “Give Me a Chance and I’ll Make You Proud” award. Words cannot explain the honor it was to meet this gentleman and see him achieve his goals on the hill!
Day 1: he was going to ski standing up, and he did!
Maybe our most spirited Egg ever. Year 2, but just as loud and cheerful as ever!

Day 2: time to try some outriggers. Awesome seeing her do so well and achieve a goal!

Surprisingly, on Wednesday night I won the NEHSA sponsored 50/50 raffle at the wheelchair basketball game. I was completely shocked! I have since donated the $350 winnings to my fundraising campaign for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and I hope everyone from NEHSA, NEWSC and the local community who donated to the raffle are happy with this half of the winnings being put to this cause. Next time you check out my fundraising page you’ll see the donation in the name of “NEHSA & NEWSC” with the donation being made in honor of “rehabilitation through sport,” a mutual mantra also shared by SRH.

It’s always sad for me to leave this week and return to the real world. I’m already anxiously awaiting next year’s clinic! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to starting my weekly ski instructing with NEHSA next Saturday.
Unfortunately my plan to do my short midweek runs on the hotel treadmills last week was foiled due to broken equipment. I didn’t have a fallback plan since my outdoor gear was left at my parents’ home (lesson learned!) That said, when I took on this challenge of tackling a marathon I knew that flexibility would be just as important as consistency. I mentally moved on and missed my shorter midweek runs, but boy was I itching to get out today! I did a fun 7 miles in the snow at my parents’ home. I still plan to keep my long run for the week (12 miles) but am thinking I’ll bump it to Monday since I have the day off for the holiday. I feel good about this adjustment.  This last week is the only one through the duration of my training that I anticipate to throw a slight wrench into my training schedule. However, if anything else comes up unexpectedly the plan will be to roll with the punches. Other fun is just as important as the run and learning to have it all in my life ultimately gets me closer to being the person I’m working to be 🙂

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