Country Road Cruisin’

I have to say I really love the change of scenery when I have the opportunity to do runs in my hometown of Suffield, CT.

I had a really nice 11 mile run in pretty mild weather. I got in a number of hills, so I know that’ll ultimately pay off big time. I know that when I’m in Boston/Quincy I get to enjoy the city and ocean scenery, but it’s especially peaceful running on quiet country roads. 

I don’t have much else to say at the moment, though while on my run I thought about how interesting it would be to have a way to dictate my run thoughts to this blog. It would certainly be the most random conglomeration with awkward or no transitions between topics. From what I can remember, today my train of thought went something like this : “hm, I think my new running tights are see through. I can’t wait for the ski clinic this week! I wonder if the cats are doing ok. I really feel like these running tights are see through. Are drivers mocking me as they go by because they can see through my pants? It’s nice that you can’t smell the cow manure this time of year. I wonder if I could somehow dictate my thoughts? Has anyone I know passed me? I hope there’s a cow out waiting to do a selfie with me. I wonder what drivers are thinking when they drive by me. I know I’m 30, but maybe I could amuse myself mid run and do a ding-dong-ditch at the next house. I hope I’m still going strong in 30 years like that older gentleman who just passed me across the street! I’m hungry, I’m now running with the goal of getting home to eat. I don’t know, when I look down these tights really seem kinda see through. I have to pee. Well hello sir in the shorts, winter jacket, and ski goggles who is smoking a cigarette while walking down my street. Home! FOOD!!”

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