Where Are My Cheerleaders??

I know some of you following my journey are not on Facebook but are instead keeping up with me via this blog. I have put out a call for cheerleaders between now and the big day to participate in a virtual pep rally, of sorts! I’ve already received some great creative pictures cheering me on, and I am encouraging everyone who feels up the challenge to send me a pic to keep me motivated as we approach the big day!

Once we’re a bit closer I’ll be making a cheerleader blog post with all of the pictures together and I can’t think of a more special keepsake, or a more awesome thing to look at on April 20th when I’m getting myself in the zone!

So whether you do this yourself selfie-style, gather a group, or recruit your children or pets, snap away!! Obviously creativity and costumes are encouraged 😉 

Email the pics to me at kirby.matthess@gmail.com

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