Marathon Weekend! (Not As A Marathon Runner This Year)

Every Bostonian knows that you don’t have to run the marathon to enjoy marathon weekend in this amazing city. I will say being a part of the crowd downtown this morning for the BAA 5K made me wish a bit I was running Boston again. Something tells me that may happen again in the near future, but for now, I was happy to cross the 3.1 mile finish on this beautiful Saturday! 
I did a 1 mile run & 1 mile walk to the start as a warm up. 
Love Beacon Hill, especially on the quiet Saturday morning. 
The energy at the Common is always infectious on race days! 
It was nice to meet up with my team captain from last year, Suzanne, and her brother and dad. I made the switch to Newtons recently, which I am still loving!, so I fit right in with the family 🙂 
The course changed a bit this year, but the starting line was just as crazy as I remembered! 
Plenty of time with the pulse start to snap some ussies. 
And have Marc defy all photo posing rules and demonstrate an upside down triangle 😉 
Yup, still waiting to get going….
After about 15 minutes we were through the start line! 
And then, as you all know, the running ussies begin!
Got a couple cute family run shots 🙂
And this one is actually kind of my favorite from the day. 
Whoop whoop! Scream under the bridge!
Love the Boston Citgo sign. 
Running down Boylston. Not quite at my 26 mile burnout, but reminiscent nonetheless. I found myself remembering the amazing day last year and felt some tears well when I passed the point where I saw my parents so close to my first marathon finish. This part of Boston will forever hold a special place in my heart. 
A finish line ussie, but of course!
And obviously an attempted artsy shot as well 😉

All in all, a beautiful day with beautiful people in beautiful Boston! Marathon weekend around here is not just for marathoners; it’s a special weekend of unity, support and pride for our city and each other. BOSTONG STRONG. 

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