Gymin’ It

So things have been a bit hectic since New Years. Good hectic, but hectic nonetheless. I’m happy to report I have been sticking to my training, but finding the time to write a blog entry sadly fell to the bottom of the priority list recently. 

The arctic chill bubble, or whatever they’re calling it, threw a wrench of sorts into training plans. I had a lovely outdoor run on New Year’s Day but since then have been getting up close and personal with the treadmill. I don’t hate it, but certainly don’t prefer it. I also think my max mileage for treadmill land is 6 miles which I did last weekend for my long run. The long runs are getting longer so I’m really hoping the weather will be more cooperative. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about braving treacherous winter conditions when there is no sidewalk, or sometimes road, space to run. I saw a group of 3 guys running in Quincy when none of the snow had been cleared. There was barely enough room for cars to pass on the road; throwing humans into that scenario strikes me as a bit dangerous. Knowing me and my klutziness I would end up on the hood of a car. 
Anyways, with the reality of winter training coming to a head I decided that Planet Fitness was just not cutting it. Sure the $10/month price tag to access a treadmill was a bargain, but honestly the whole place was just a downer. I switched to the Quincy Y, which was also recently rebuilt, and I could not be more thrilled with my decision! I’ve only been there 3 times so far but I already love the vibe. People are friendly, even making appropriate small talk at times, and the equipment is all very high end. It’s exactly what I want in a gym experience! I met with a trainer and will see her at least 5 more times to start getting consistency with a strength routine. She runs marathons and is a wealth of knowledge. She also leads a running club that I’m hoping to be a part of, but most likely after the ski season since they run Saturday mornings. I’m looking forward to incorporating cross training with some of the cool cardio machines, group classes and swimming as well.  I’m happy to have this option for when the weather is less than great through the rest of my training this winter. 
I’m currently in CT to drop my dog, Scrimmage, off with my parents. On Monday I’m headed to The New England Winter Sports Clinic for Disabled Veterans, my favorite week of the year! This is my 9th season with this ski program and it’s always a great time with great people. I won’t be missing any of my long runs (11 miler tomorrow and then the clinic ends on Friday and my long runs are usually Sundays) I but am hoping to fit in at least two shorter runs on the treadmill at the hotel gym next week.  I packed a ton of running clothes, so really no excuses!
Oh yeah, and I also got this the other day, so even more reason to have no excuses!

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